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I want to thank you for your insight and knowledge of your insurance products. Sure, that’s seems like what every insurance agent should know as a baseline. But having been in different businesses for 35 years, I can now tell who sincerely knows their product from the people that think they know it all.  Your wisdom and planning have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in actual losses I would have sustained, had I not been one of your clients. Your idea to have an appraisal done of my assets paid off big time when I had an explosion and business interuption loss. Your idea to add an affordable pollution policy saved me again when vandals caused a major oil spill. Your attention to our loss runs and pushing workers compensation claims to be completed saved me thousands. Your loss prevention ideas helped us reduce our experience mod factor that had grown too high, resulting in lower premiums.
          As far as bonding is concerned, I believe you are the best agent in our area for a few reasons. One , you get to know the businesses you bond. That helps your ability to get the special one time bonds issued with no hassle. Second, you know what is important on a contractors financials, and ask the questions that make us a better company. But most important, you mean what you say and you say what you mean. As a man of your word, I never worry about getting every detail in writing. I know my interests are safe with you. In this fast paced business environment, I don’t have time to get everything in writing all the time. When I am involved with you and your firm, you have never let me down. The years you have serviced my company have formed a tremendous foundation of trust. That is something you can’t buy. That is something you can’t fake. You built it and now you can stand upon to rise above other agents.That truly is something special to me and my company.
          It is with pleasure that I say, have anyone interested in dealing with you call me for a reference. I will only speak the truth to them. The truth is what we all need and your firms’ true stories are meaningful to businesses.

Robert M. Brown

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