American Asphalt Case Study
We pride ourselves on building personal relationships with our clients. This helps us to customize our approach and anticipate our clients' needs. Our recommendation to American Asphalt Company included:
  • Complete appraisal of assets in case of loss
  • Pollution policy to offset losses
  • Comprehensive loss planning to reduce premiums
We also made specific recommendations concerning loss runs and workers compensation claims.

American Asphalt Company experienced a major business loss due to an explosion. Our foresight helped them save thousdands of dollars at the time. When vandals caused a major oil spill their pollution policy saved them even more.  And our workers compensation advice also returned major dividends.
I can tell who sincerely knows their product from the people that think they know it all. Your wisdom and planning have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in actual losses I would have sustained, had I not been one of your clients.

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